Taxi and ferry from Bali to Gili Trawangan and then a boat taxi to Gili Meno. 


Best Stay On Gili Meno - Treat Yourself & Affordable

Staying at Seri Gili Meno was a treat! It was the only higher end property on Gili Meno, with most being beach villas, huts or smaller bungalow like rooms. The all white two storey hotel with private bungalow like private houses offers a wonderful experience on the island. You have the luxury of air conditioned rooms, a beautiful pool, spa facilities and an on site restaurant. You also have the option to book a tent experience (think high end tent with a full bed, canopy and storage space) for a much cheaper price and still enjoy the same amenities.

You should stay on Gili Trawangan if you want…

  • Partying

  • Cheap hostels

  • Beautiful beaches and sunsets

You should stay on Gili Meno if you want…

  • Tranquility, Peace & Relaxation

  • Often described as the honeymoon island

  • If you want to snorkel, scuba dive or see turtles

  • Enjoy long walks (you can walk around the entire island in an afternoon)

You should stay on Gili Air...

  • A combination of the two (more relaxing) 


Madison on Gili Trawangan

Madison on Gili Trawangan

We loved spending an afternoon snorkelling around the island. You can also get your diving certification and dive to a shipwreck just off the shore.

Walking around this island is the best way to take it all in. You can slowly walk around the island, stopping at restaurants and a few shops in just under two hours. We loved walking around and talking to the locals, some of who told us they have never left Gili Meno. This island offers total tranquility - go from one restaurant to the next and you will find beach huts, lounge chairs and cheap but amazing food at every stop! You will also find a few hostels/hotels who host daily movie nights - so fun!

Seri Resort Gili Meno

Seri Resort Gili Meno