Ferry to Krabi - Bus to pier on the other side of the country - ferry to koh phangan (long day of travel)


Treat Yourself: Sunset Hill Resort

This was a beautiful hotel on a calm side of the island. If you are staying on Koh Phangan for the full moon party and the full moon party only this is not the place for you. We loved staying here and having friends visit the island staying at a hostel because we were able to party on the island and then retreat to our beautiful hotel and enjoy the sunshine with the most spectacular view of the island.


Any hostel on the island is worth looking into if you are strictly going to party. We were lucky because we had friends staying at a party hostel and got to enjoy that experience at night and then come back to our stunning hotel to relax during the days. 


View from the pool at  Sunset Hill,  Koh Phangan

View from the pool at Sunset Hill, Koh Phangan

You cannot visit this island without going to the Full Moon or Half Moon Party - plan your trip around the moons schedule. But, I would suggest avoiding the Jungle Party. I found it overpriced and was annoyed to see that it was not run by any locals. 

Night Markets around the island! 

Rent scooters/motorbikes (be careful if you do!)