New York City was a trip planned for my twin sister, Madison and I, to celebrate our 23rd birthday since she had been in China and missed it in November. The  goal of our four day long weekend was to eat amazing food, explore new areas, see art, drink lots and shop! I hope you enjoy the pictures and our 4 day schedule! 

DAY 1 

After arriving to New York City on an early morning flight we decided the first and best thing to do would be to get some breakfast! I had The Butcher's Daughter on my list for a while because their menu looked delicious and the pictures I had seen looked so cute. 

The Butcher's Daughter - below - we got avocado toast and a delicious smoothie bowl..their juices looked amazing too!


We spent our afternoon of our first day in the city as most! We wandered from Bowery to Soho to Tribeca and up to Chelsea jumping in and out of cute shops. We ended up at Chelsea Market, a food hall and shopping center made up of what feels like 100 different markets! From clothes to flowers to vintage jewelry this market is a great spot to enjoy in Manhattan! We also stopped here for lunch and grabbed some delicious New York pizza to refuel before heading out to see some art!


After some shopping and lunch we walked a few minutes to the must visit David Zwirner gallery that features an array of artists but at the time was in the last weekend of Yayoi Kusuma's Festival of Life. When we arrived we anticipated a wait but never did we think it would be a four hour wait with no guarantee of entry! Instead of waiting in the cold we went into the gallery beside that was arguably just as beautiful as the Festival of Life exhibit - full of color and design! 

Madison with a fun piece at the gallery! 

Madison with a fun piece at the gallery! 

Our first night in the city was a winter wonderland complete snow storm but that didn't stop us from going out. Although it did stop us from taking pictures (I need to figure out a way to get good shots at night - if anyone has any suggestions let me know!) Here are some of our favorite spots that we ate at during our trip. 



NYC is one of the best places to eat in the world (in my opinion) There are so many choices and cute restaurants and bars! Our first night we went to the most delicious Mediterranean Tapas restaurant called Shuka and fell in love. Unfortunately, again I don't love shooting at night so no pictures for you. But take a look at a few of my favorite spots to eat/drink from this trip! 

Shuka (Mediterranean Tapas) 

Esquina (Taco Bar) 

Pianos (Live Music Bar) 

The Wren (Beautiful Cocktail Bar) 

Sel Rose (Adorable Pink Cocktail Bar) 

The Back Room (Hidden speakeasy)

Tiny's (Adorable spot with bar upstairs) 

The Odeon (Popular spot for French-American dishes) 

Lucy's Cantina Royale (Famous spot for their massive Moscow Mule drinks) 

Tipsy Parson (Cocktails/Dinner by Chelsea Market)

While We Were Young (Popular spot for food/drinks and the perfect picture) 

Piccolo Cucina (Prince St. Location is adorable and serves massive pots of pasta) 

Gnoccheria (Make your own Gnocchi Restaurant) 

Toro (Spanish Tapas) 

Gelso & Grand (Cute spot for drinks/Italian food) 

Oficina 1 M (Beautiful Restaurant for delicious Italian) 

Peasant (Charming spot for wood fired pizza, delicious wine and amazing dessert) 

Epistrophy (Cute brick wall restaurant) 


We spent our morning at Freeman's for a delicious brunch (hidden entrance down a graffiti alley) and then headed around the city for a day of art and exploring new places! Our first stop was the New Museum. 

We do not have matching hats...I just borrowed Madison's for this shot! 

We do not have matching hats...I just borrowed Madison's for this shot! 

Madison looking so cute! 

Madison looking so cute! 


After the New Museum we began our gallery tour day....

Salon 94 -  234 Bowery - (giant eye shadows speaking to commodity feminism)

Team Gallery - 83 Grand Street (small immersive pieces)

47 Canal - 291 Grand St. - (Margaret Lee multiple galleries contemporary)

Ramiken Crucible 389 Grand St (you must experience this one for yourself)

Madison looking adorable at the Salon 94 Gallery

Madison looking adorable at the Salon 94 Gallery

After our morning spent touring galleries we stopped at a cute Mexican spot called Ja Ja Ja. We loved the spicy dishes and super friendly staff! 


After lunch we headed through China Town over to The Brooklyn Bridge. In all my trips to New York I always say I'm going to walk the bridge but for some reason never get around to it. I was so happy that we finally did it..even if it was a cloudier day we still enjoyed the views of the city skyline from the bridge. 


Later that night we decided to do all the classic New York holiday spots. We started in Times Square (which normally isn't too festive but after a snow storm was quite magical) because we had tickets to see Hello Dolly at a theater close to Times Square.  

After the show we made our way over to Rockefeller Center to see the beautiful tree. Once we squeezed our way through the crowds and watched the Saks Holiday Lights Show on the shopping centers windows (this is a must see) we decided we also mustgo to Serendipity for frozen hot chocolate. This place is full of holiday cheer all year round but Christmas time is a magical time here and we were so happy to experience it! 



Sundays in New York are always so fun because you see so many families and less tourists and it just feels like home for me (if Trump didn't implement such crazy visa rules I'd be there yesterday) 


We started our morning at Two Hands Cafe for breakfast/brunch and were so hungry we only got a shot of the avo toast because our delicious smoothie bowl was already gone by the time I took the camera out! 


After breakfast we walked up to Bandier for a dance class with Amanda Kloots. I will say that my sister and I are NOT dancers and have probably the least amount of rhythm, maybe ever, but this class was the most fun! It was tough to keep up with Amanda, once a New York Rockette and a full time dancer/teacher now but we laughed the entire class and had such a great time. 


After our dance class we walked over to the Union Square Christmas Market. This spot had so many vendors - jewelery, clothing, decor, food, snacks etc. It was a perfect day to sit on a park bench and enjoy a sandwich full of delicious cheese - that we deserved after our dance class HA. 


On our walk home from the market and back to our hotel we stopped at the cutest little bakery known for it's cakes and treats, with the perfectly fitting name - Little Cupcake Bakeshop. 


After our day spent wandering the city I thought we were just going to relax for the evening but Madison had a surprise planned for me since she had missed our birthday in November! A helicopter ride over NYC (I totally thought she was kidding when she told me!!!) Click here for the adventure! 

DAY 4 

Our final day in New York..I hate leaving this pretty city so we booked the latest flight back home to Toronto and got to enjoy the entire day on Monday.  


We started our day with a nice walk around looking for a breakfast spot. Our plan was to check out Jacks Wife Freda but as per usual there was an hour wait and we were very hungry. So we walked down to Maman, which I had heard was a cute spot and it did not disappoint. 


This breakfast spot was also the cutest little flower, jewelry and home decor shop. On the other side of the sit down restaurant area was the cutest cafe serving up cookies and snacks! 


After breakfast we walked to the World Trade Centre Transportation Hub or better known as Oculus. This massive building is a pretty neat display of modern architecture and was hosting a Christmas market while we were visiting! 


From The Oculus we jumped on a train/subway that we thought would drop us off right on the Upper West Side of Central Park but actually was an express train and took us way too far! Once we got back to the right area we walked around the Upper West side and enjoyed the afternoon touring Central Park. 

These cookies were incredible and  I was so happy because Madison made me wait all weekend for them! 

These cookies were incredible and  I was so happy because Madison made me wait all weekend for them! 

When we arrived at Levain there were 2-3 people in line but when we left a line of 10-15 had built up. Regardless, would totally be worth the wait. 

When we arrived at Levain there were 2-3 people in line but when we left a line of 10-15 had built up. Regardless, would totally be worth the wait. 


The beauty of the sunshine on the Upper West Side! 


We decided to rent bikes and stroll through Central Park for the afternoon, would highly recommend! 


After such a nice day in the park we walked over to Whole Foods (Columbus Circle) and grabbed an assortment of things for a early evening picnic dinner in the park aka. the best way to end a weekend in NYC! 


Cheers to a weekend in my favorite city with my favorite human xo