Getting There: Plane

I accidentally booked our flight from Copenhagen-Warsaw arriving in the city at midnight instead of noon. We arrived to Copenhagen and for the first time on our trip took a cab to our hotel instead of a bus/train/subway or by foot.

TIP: Always arrive in a new city in the morning/afternoon or at least in daylight. It’s much safer to get your bearings and find your way to your hostel in light.

Accommodation: Dream Hostel
Rating: 8/10
Reason: No breakfast included but great social scene and common areas. Located in a busy area close to the new downtown and the old town of Warsaw, offering a great nightlife scene. 


Old Town Warsaw ,  Poland

Old Town Warsaw, Poland

Downtown, modern Warsaw has a lot to offer but we found the most beauty and history in the old town. Small winding streets full of patios and restaurants really make this city feel so alive. Old Market Square - this square is full of life, beautiful patios and a wide selection of restaurants to chose from!

University of Warsaw Roof Top,   Dobra 56/66, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland

University of Warsaw Roof Top, Dobra 56/66, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland

This rooftop garden area at The University of Warsaw is a great afternoon hangout spot.

Day Trip to Auschwitz

This was a must do for our trip, an experience that can only be understood once you visit. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to visit Poland.  

Day Trip to Krakow

We spent half a day wandering around this city and loved it’s charm but really didn’t get to know the city like the others we visited. Many hostel goers told us that we should have spent longer here. So, if I were to make any adjustments to this trip it would be to stay here for a night at least and see what the all these people were talking about.