Whenever I’m asked what my favorite place is Greece immediately comes to mind. From the clear blue skies and constant sunshine to the crystal beaches, delicious food and the friendliest people, Greece truly is my idea of paradise. After visiting in 2015 I’ve being dying to return. Finally, this summer we (my boyfriend, Colin and I) decided it was time to visit again!

Our Itinerary:

4 days - Santorini (Flight from Toronto-Rome-Athens-Santorini - Explored Italy for 7 days before heading to Greece- full blog post on Italy coming soon!)

3 days - Milos (Night ferry from Santorini-Milos)

3 days - Ios (Night ferry from Ios-Naxos)

3 days - Naxos (Day ferry from Naxos-Mykonos)

2 days - Mykonos (Flight from Mykonos-Athens-full blog post on Athens coming soon!)


Where To Stay: I love staying in Akrotiri and I think anything away from Oia is the best option if you’re on a budget and don’t want to be in huge crowds. If you want to splurge Cavo Tagoo has one of the most breathtaking views I’ve ever seen.

  • Rent an ATV & Explore

    • The best way to get around the island is by atv/four wheeler or at least an open roof car. You can pretty much drive the entire island in one day but there is so much to stop and see. We loved finding quiet churches & beautiful view points (see pictures below) Note: if you are not an EU citizen you will need an international drivers license.

  • Oia

    • The most popular tourist spot and probably for a reason. This place is what dreams are made of - the white cobblestones, luxury shops, local boutiques and restaurants with the most stunning views of the island and the ocean. I would suggest visiting Oia first thing in the morning (9am-10:30am) to avoid huge crowds and honestly don’t visit at sunset - there are so many other beautiful spots to watch the magical sunsets where you can actually breathe and enjoy a special moment!

  • Amoudi Bay

    • Just below Oia right on the water is the famous little town known for it’s fresh seafood and beautiful views of Oia. Any restaurant here is a good choice in my opinion. I loved halloumi (from Crete) in a delicious salad with a gorgeous view.

  • Akrotiri

    • I’ve stayed here both times that I’ve visited Santorini and it is by far my favorite area on the island. It feels so much smaller and local because it really is. Although it’s not as busy or lively as Fira and Oia it is a romantic spot on the island and full of traditional tavernas.

  • Akrotiri Light House

    • Once you visit the town continue along all the way to far end of the island to see the best sunset of your life & a view of the entire island & the volcano. After your blown away by the beauty that exists on this stunning planet head to one of the traditional tavernas for incredible food!

  • Beaches

    • Red Beach (busy with tourists but fun to see), Perissa Beach, Kamari Beach (most sunbeds on this beach are complimentary if you order food/drinks from the affiliate restaurant), ATV past Akrotiri to “The Beach” for my favorite beach in Santorini.

  • Wine Tasting

    • Santos Winery - make a reservation for the most gorgeous views and delicious local wine.

The Beach - Bar Restaurant with Caldera View

The Beach - Bar Restaurant with Caldera View

The Beach - Bar

The Beach - Bar

Kamari Beach

Kamari Beach

Lunch in Amoudi Bay - Halloumi Salad (local cheese from Crete)

Lunch in Amoudi Bay - Halloumi Salad (local cheese from Crete)

1000 Steps from Oia down to Amoudi Bay

1000 Steps from Oia down to Amoudi Bay

Sunset in Santorin

Sunset in Santorin


Where to Stay: We LOVED our hotel Golden Beach Milos (although a bit far from the port/main town it was so relaxing and right on the most gorgeous beach, Provatas Beach!)

  • Sarakinko Beach

    • This beach is only getting more popular so I would suggest you book your ticket here soon! It honestly feels like you’re in another world. Sadly, it was SO windy we couldn’t jump off the cliffs and in to the water but we did manage to swim in a calmer area with a beautiful view of the rocks.

  • Plaka

    • Just above the port of the island where the ferry drops you off is a beautiful old town with churches, cobblestones, adorable restaurants & shops and a stunning view of the ocean and amazing view point at sunset.

  • Kleftiko Beach/Sail Tour

    • We signed ourselves up for a little day tour of the island. So many of the beaches on Milos are only reachable by boat. We left first thing in the morning from Provatas Beach and were the only boat at most stops. What I love about Milos is that it’s not yet crazy touristy - but again, it will be very soon. It’s really just too pretty to keep to itself.

  • Pollonia

    • Although we didn’t get to visit this spot we heard from several locals that the food is incredible!

  • Milos Town

    • More adorable shops/restaurants

Golden Milos Bay - Reception/Lounge Area

Golden Milos Bay - Reception/Lounge Area

Exploring Sarakinko Beach

Colin jumping in!

Colin jumping in!

This was one of my favorite days! Our GoPro broke right before we jumped in, which was obviously a bummer but it really forced me to enjoy the moment (not that it was hard given how beautiful this spot was) and just be present. Swimming around and through the grotto’s is an experience I will never forget!

Kleftiko Beach

Kleftiko Beach

Delicious Lunch on Golden Beach - traditional Milos cheese pies = little blankets of heaven !

View from Plaka


Where to Stay: Petradi Hotel - for the most incredible views, a stunning pool, homemade local breakfast, the most genuine and kind staff.

  • Chora Town

    • The town centre on Ios is the best place for shopping, eating, drinking/partying. Ios is known for it’s party reputation but our first night we didn’t think it was that great. Turns out we went to bed too early (at 2:00am) because most people just start their nights at that time! CRAZY

  • Far Out Beach Club

    • Popular for non-stop parties on a beautiful beach.

  • Pathos Beach Club / Sunset Spot

    • A beautiful spot to grab a drink or two or three, dance and watch the sunset go down.

  • Rent an ATV

    • Ios is one of the smaller islands, which makes it easy to explore the entire island in a day or two. We loved starting at Mylopotas Beach and making our way around the island.

View from our little balcony at Petradi Hotel

View from our little balcony at Petradi Hotel

Pathos Bar at sunset

Pathos Bar at sunset


Where to Stay: AirBnB in town - Click Here for ours!

  • Beaches (Plaka Beach)

    • Naxos by far has my favorite beaches of any island I’ve visited (so far!) Clearest white sand, crystal waters and the longest shoreline/beach of any island in Greece - what’s not to love? Rent an ATV and drive down the beach road for as long as you can - stopping along the way for a swim, delicious food and shops.

  • The Castle in Town

    • Beautiful views of the island and a great place for sunset


Where to Stay: Splurge - Cavo Tagoo - This is the spot you have seen on Instagram a million times - definitely a different vibe compared to the Santorini location. More of a party scene but the rooms and the service is impeccable. Budget Friendly - Paraga Beach Hostel - This hostel really blew me away - the common area/pool bar and restaurant on the beach and minutes away from Scorpio’s Mykonos was so perfect!

  • Rent an ATV/scooter OR take the Bus

    • Mykonos is the busiest island, full of young, drunk people having fun. If you are not comfortable operating an ATV/Scooter and know you want to drink and party without worrying about risking your life in the crazy roundabouts and narrow streets I would opt to take the public bus, which is very affordable and convenient.

  • Ornas Beach

  • Scorpio’s Beach Club

  • Little Venice - Scarpa Bar (restaurant on the water perfect for lunch) / Kastro’s Bar (romantic candlelit dinner on the water or a beautiful spot to visit before it opens in the morning) / Scandinavian Bar (best spot to dance/crowded but fun)