Edinburgh, scotland

Getting There: Train

NOTE: We bought unlimited Eurorail passes but unfortunately Eurorail is not valid in the UK.

Accommodation: Kick Ass Hostel
Rating: 9/10
Reason: Seriously, a kick ass hostel! Awesome energy in the perfect location, cool people working and staying in what looked like brand new, very clean facilities. An added plus was the amazing common areas including a full restaurant/bar with pool/ping pong tables, free drinks and breakfast and dinner vouchers and different events each night to get everyone social.


Princess St. Gardens Edinburgh, Scotland

Princess Street / George Street / Rose Street - These charming cobblestone streets have great shops, restaurants and bakeries. You can dedicate an entire afternoon walking up and down, taking in the scenery and stumbling into local gems.

View from The Edinburgh Castle Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NG, UK

We didn’t do the official tour of the castle but we did climb up the backside of the castle hill and made it up just in time to see the most spectacular sunset, a view of Arthur’s seat and the rolling hills in the distance.

View of Arthur's Seat from The Edinburgh Castle Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NG, UK

Arthur's Seat Edinburgh, Scotland

The different routes up this hill, each with varying difficulty levels make this climb a must do! Even the steep climb is totally worth it when you get to the top and see the castle, the ocean and the city surrounding you.

Royal Botanical Gardens Arboretum Place, Edinburgh EH3 5NZ, United Kingdom

Walk outside of the city centre and through the neighbourhoods toward the botanical gardens. Not only are the botanical gardens a vision but the houses along the way are sure to stop you in your tracks with their size and beauty! 

Royal Botanical Gardens Arboretum Place, Edinburgh EH3 5NZ, United Kingdom

Cherry Blossoms in the Meadows Jawbone Walk, Edinburgh EH3, UK

If you are lucky enough to travel to Edinburgh in May then you must visit Cherry Blossoms in the meadows behind the University of Edinburgh.

After you enjoy cherry blossoms head to the Beehive Inn 18-20 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2JU, UK for a lovely dinner. Or if you're more in the mood for a mid-day snack checkout Mary’s Milk Bar 19 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2HS, UK where you can grab homemade gelato, coffee or hot chocolate.

Victoria Street Edinburgh, Scotland

This beautiful street has been featured in many films and was the only image I had of Edinburgh in my mind before we got to the city! The windy street has adorable local shops, restaurants and bars. We went to the Irish Pub with some new friends from our favorite hostel and had a great night!


Local Picks

3 Sisters 139 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1JS, UK

This pub serves up cheap food and drinks to a young, university crowd. Perfect for watching a sports game or grabbing a drink with new friends!