Step #1: Pick your starting point.

  • Where do you want to begin your adventure? 

Step #2: Pick your dates & do your research

  • If you want a tropical destination..travelling through Europe in the winter or backpacking Asia in rainy season might not be the smartest idea. Make sure you look at weather patterns and find the best time for your travels!

Step #3: Pick your destinations.

  • Starting with your top spots is a great way to begin. Once you pick your must see cities/countries you can find other cities/countries in between your stops that you might want to check out.

Step #4: Book your flight.

  • This is the fun part because this is the first step that confirms you are actually going to be travelling. What I like to do is hunt online to find the best plane ticket price. Prices tend to be lower in non-peak hours like midnight-5am so if you really want to save a couple bucks book in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. Just make sure you are fully awake so you don’t make any mistakes in your booking details. I put this as #4 on my list because I tend to like to book as far in advance as I can to save the most amount of money. If you prefer to plan everything first and then book your flight you can do that too but you will probably have to pay more.

Step #5: Book your accommodations.

  • I would not recommend booking all your hostels/hotels in advance.  What if you fall in love with a city and want to extend your stay by a few nights but you’ve already paid for your hostel in the next city? I would suggest booking your very first stay in advance so that you are not too overwhelmed. I would also suggest booking really popular cities in advance. Some places like Rome for example can surge about five times the normal rate in high tourist seasons.

Step #6: Plan your route.

  • You want to make sure that you are going on the most efficient route when backpacking. For example, if you are planning to visit Italy, Paris and Greece you don’t want to go to Italy and then Paris and then back across to Greece. Instead start in Paris, fly to Italy and then fly to Greece. 

Step #7: Get excited!

  • Make pinterest boards with places you want to see, save instagram pictures of dreamy restaurants and hotels. Write lists of attractions you want to visit - all of this will get you more mentally prepared for some of the experiences you might have!

Step #8: Buy a backpack & Pack

  • Make sure you buy the right backpack for your body and weight! Then pack it! Click here for our Packing Guide.

Step #9: Buy a Journal 

  • This isn’t for everyone but I think that journaling during a long trip is one of the best things you can do! Not only is it relaxing after a long day of exploring but it gives you something to look back on in the future!

Step #10: Go!

  • Get yourself to the airport and board that plan! You’re ready to go! Have a blast!
Planning 1


3 Months in Europe

Flight to Dublin, Ireland: $600

Eurorail Pass: $1536 *now $1936

TIP: Map out how many trains you will be taking in advance because it might not be necessary to get the unlimited pass if you are not visiting as many countries.

Accommodations: $2250

Max: $50/night (this cost was based on my boyfriend and the most expensive place we stayed was $100/night)

Average: $20-25/night

Food/Experience: $3600 Max: $75/day Average: $40/day

This includes breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks/drinks/and experiences including tourist attractions or sightseeing costs for non-touristy things

Flights once in Europe:

Dublin-Glasgow $20 +$170 (fines) Edinburgh-London $30 Berlin-Copenhagen $80 Copenhagen-Warsaw $80 Croatia-Venice $80

Rome-Athens (Santorini) $100 Rome-Barcelona $120 Lisbon-Nice $140

Extra: Skydiving $600

Flight Home: Paris-Iceland-New York-Toronto $600

TRIP TOTAL: $10,000