Rome, italy

Getting There: Train

Accommodation: Four Seasons Hostel
Rating: 8.5/10
Reason: This hostel was in a great location - walking distance from the train station and all major attractions. Not quite the same as staying at the Four Season Hotel but was a great spot for socializing and hosted a wine hour every night. 


Tourist Must See Spots

The Colosseum/Vatican/Trevi Fountain/Pantheon/Spanish Steps

TIP: Pre book floor tour for the Colosseum or buy 25$ guide at the door to let you skip the entire line - Free entry to the Colosseum the first Sunday of every month.

Trastevere, Rome

This area has an amazing nightlife scene and offers a variety of restaurants/bars/patios gelato and good vibes.

Villa Borghese

Rent bikes or walk this beautiful park with spectacular views of Vatican City and the rest of Rome. Just a quick walk from the Spanish steps.