5 Travel Movies I Love

Captain Fantastic

Captain Fantastic: This movie was not what I expected but just what I needed. Based on the name you’d assume this is a superhero movie - it’s not. Captain Fantastic is a film about a family who live in nature and experience the struggles and beauty of life as a team. 


Midnight in Paris: I'm sure this is no surprise - the opening sequence is enough to make anyone quit their job and fly to Paris on a whim. Once the story gets going, Gil Pender (Owen Wilson) takes the audience on a journey as he is brought back in time by a group of strange, yet familiar characters.

The Holiday

The Holiday: I’m sure most people will save this one for the holidays - understandable, but I could watch this movie anytime of the year. The characters, locations, plot line and music that carries the story can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Into the Wild

Into the Wild: Based on the true story of Christopher McCandless, this film follows a young, well educated man who challenges the norm by risking it all, donating his possessions and embarking on an independent journey through the Alaskan wilderness. 


Brooklyn: I think I’ve loved everything Saoirse Ronan has ever been in so this, probably her most critically acclaimed film, should have been no surprise. This film completely swept me off my feet. A story about an Irish immigrant who moves to..you guessed it..Brooklyn, evolves into a beautiful tale of life, love, our connection to home and the world around us.  

Courtney Fitzpatrick