Welcome to The Fernweh State

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fernweh | german

a craving for travel or distant places, commonly described as the opposite of homesickness.

state (state of mind) | english

your state of mind is your mood or mental state at a particular time


Like most people my age I spend most of my time trying to figure out what to do with my life. From a young age, I knew I wanted to work in the world of entertainment, creating passion driven content. I graduated from university with a degree in New Media Production and am currently working towards creating a name for myself in the industry I love. I’m on a mission to discover new ways of travel while producing content that fuels my soul.

I recently met with a family friend who told me,

“People your age are so eager to do things; to advance your careers, to travel and do it all at once. Sometimes patience is important.”

I left thinking...

When will it be time to stop being patient - and if not now, when?

Do we try to grow a career?

Do we create meaningful relationships?

Do we work really hard to sell everything and travel for as long as we can?

Do we try to do it all?

This blog is about a twenty something year old trying to figure it out and...maybe end up doing it all. Follow me on my travels, as I land new jobs, fall in love with life and live in a world full of opportunity!

- Courtney