A Day in Old Montreal

Old Montreal is full of beautiful boutique shops, galleries, cafes, restaurants and bars. We loved staying in this part of Montreal because everything was accessible and so charming. 


LUV: Definitely the most recommended to me was this spot for its vegan menu, beautiful decor and central location to our hotel, Epik Hotel.  We were so sad when we arrived to find out that it doesn't open on the weekends until 11:30am and were too cold to walk to their other locations. A must try the next time I'm in the city! 

After a quick walk back from Luv to Rue St. Paul we wandered past a bustling cafe and decided it was the spot! 


This cozy spot is a pastry lovers heaven! Full of croissants, cinnamon rolls, cookies and treats! The menu was full of delicious options and did not dissapoint. 

After brunch we explored a bit more of the city and ended up at a Montreal hockey game, which was fun but not too worthy of pictures haha. What was so great is that after the game we took a quick walk to spot I really wanted to try called...


This beautiful spot was warm and full of life with beautiful hanging plants, exposed walls, floor to ceiling glass windows and mirrored walls. A great place for any time of the day - a full service cafe with delicious treats and an area for laptops, reading etc. and then a beautiful restaurant/bar with a delicious Italian inspired menu. 

The old French architecture throughout the city is one of my favorite parts of Montreal. Only a 5 hour drive from Toronto that makes you feel like you're in France! The cafes also feel very Parisian to me. 


This cafe is the cutest local student hang out spot. Very centrally located beside the Notre Dame Basilica, this cozy two story coffee and Happy Hour spot is a great place to stop for a tasty hot chocolate and pastry during the day and a glass of wine at night! 

After Tommy stroll around the city and up to a hidden gem called Cafe Parvis

This beautifully decorated restaurant has exposed walls a cafe to work at during the day and family style bench seating for larger parties, as well as adorable window and bar seating for a more romantic meal. The floor to ceiling glass windows and plants throughout make this spot so charming! I was intrigued by their cocktail list but we were told if we wanted to drink we had to dine (Quebec rules!) but we were not disappointed after we ordered a delicious pizza! 

On your way back down to Montreal (if that's where you end up staying - I think you should!) stop in at Venice Mtl for great drinks and snacks. A great way to finish your night (or for dinner another night) is Modavie for live music & dessert or if you're feeling like a more upbeat bar scene Philemon Bar is the spot!