Why you shouldn't be afraid to book your first trip

New York City

My first trip as a real adult-like person, without parents or teachers, was to New York City in November of 2012 to celebrate my 18th birthday with my twin sister.

Growing up in typical twin style, the Olsen twins were our idols and their movie, New York Minute, along with thousands of other films set in New York, made this city seem like quite the spot for our first trip together.

The idea was great - the logistics, not so much. We had no credit cards to book the trip, no idea where to stay or how to get to the city - really no clue at all.   

We decided the best way to book our trip would be through a travel agent (the thought of this now gives me crazy amounts of anxiety because I like to be in control of all of my travel planning) We pooled together our small savings and bought two pre-paid visa gift cards for $500 each. We decided, with zero knowledge of how much a trip might cost, that one thousand dollars was probably a good amount for our flights and accommodations for a weekend in New York. We somehow managed to find a roundtrip flight from Toronto - New York for $150 each (impossible to find now unless you book months in advance) and a nice hotel, about 10 minutes from Times Square, for $500 for 4 nights. It was a bit crazy, mind you we did demand to see the flight scanner with our travel agent and waited with her, for what felt like hours, watching it go up and down in price until it finally reached $150.

Once we landed in New York we did probably the opposite of what you’re supposed to do and followed some unlisted driver to his car across the airport parking lot. Thankfully, he was very kind and drove us to our hotel for a good price. Once we got into the city we realized how happy we were to be travelling together. I get this wonderful feeling when I travel where I always feel at home. Whether it’s New York, Greece or Thailand. The world is our oyster. The entire planet is our home. To limit yourself to your town or even your country is silly, in my opinion. Save up whatever money you can and book a trip! If we could do it at 17 with nothing - so can you!

What are you waiting for?