The Most Magical Views at Cavo Tagoo

A little throwback to this summer’s dreamy holiday in Greece. When I started planning our island hopping adventures Cavo Tagoo kept coming up in my search. Whether it was stunning pictures and videos on Instagram or reviews of the amazing experience online it seemed like I couldn’t escape it!

Although, it was too expensive for us during peak season we were lucky enough & so grateful to partner with the Cavo Tagoo team to visit their luxury hotels in both Santorini and Myknonos for a day spent lounging by their famous pools!


Santorini Cavo Tagoo - Our first stop on our Greek island adventures. Santorini is a special island, with the most incredible ocean views. Visiting the beaches is a great way to explore the island but if you want to see it all at once from the comfort of a pool bed with a drink in hand you have to visit Cavo Tagoo. The cocktail list, although a splurge, is worth it for a day of total relaxation.

There is also a full restaurant you can visit to the right of the pool with panoramic views and a delicious menu!


Mykonos Cavo Tagoo - Equally as gorgeous as the Santorini location, the only real difference here was the Mykonos style party vibes. This island is known to be loud and always alive. If you want a fun afternoon with great music and drinks (as well as the comfort of a beach bed and ocean views) this spot is for you!