Different Ways to Travel


This blog is for the people who inspire me to explore, the people who make me want to book a one way ticket to some remote destination, the people who make me want to see the world. It's also for the people who might not know where to start. The people who might be thinking..how are all these people possibly affording all of these amazing experiences? 

Recently, I've noticed something pretty amazing...more and more of my friends are choosing to travel. I love that I'm apart of a generation that values and jumps on every opportunity to experience the world. I've spoken to many friends over the past few months who are currently travelling or planning to travel soon. There are SO many ways to travel in today's travel-obsessed world so I thought I'd list a few ways here in case you are sitting at home thinking...how can I make it happen for me? 

Traditional Travel

Traditional travel can mean different things to different people. I see it in two ways. One, now geared towards an older crowd, where you work full time and plan a short but enjoyable vacation with your vacation days. Two, the more modern idea of "traditional" travel, where you work part time during school or full time out of school and save for a year or two to plan a long trip using all your savings to travel. Saving is key here! (pictures from my time in France during my 3 month trip through Europe) 


Part Time Work

A part time job in a new place gives you the opportunity to call a different country home for as long as that country will let you stay with a working visa! Most people will travel to a different country and find a job that will allow them the flexibility to take trips on weekends or during their days off, while having financial stability and a place to call home like an apartment. Working in another part of the world is a great way to travel if you haven’t saved enough money for a long term trip. You can plant yourself in a new place, having applied for a working visa, and find work in a variety of part time jobs like serving at a restaurant, working in retail or hospitality and tourism etc. Click here for some part time jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world. (pictures from a friends time in Australia - currently working part time serving and enjoying the rest of her time exploring the great down under!) 



Being a nanny or au pair can be a great way to move yourself to a new place! Many au pairs that I have spoken with have loved the opportunity to work with a family and experience that family's culture first hand. Most au pair services offer free living/accommodations and food throughout the week and even sometimes a car to get you to and from your travels on the weekends. This is very popular in Europe. Do note that with this method of travel you should be very friendly and enjoy being around young children. Find the perfect family for you to work with here


If you are in school or have always wanted to learn something new you are probably eligible to study in a different country. Learning in a different country is a wonderful experience because you are also opening your mind to another culture. Most schools today offer exchange programs that allow students the opportunity to experience 6 months - a year in another country. You could also look into summer programs, masters degrees, or quick certificates. For a full list of ways to study abroad click here.  (Pictures from my sisters semester in Singapore at the Nanyang Technological University )



If you have graduated with the hopes of teaching only to find that there are few jobs available or the salary isn’t quite what you expected then teaching overseas may be the perfect option for you. You also might find that you’ll learn more from the students then they’ll learn from you. Teaching in a new country, especially in places like Asia or South America will open your eyes to a different way of life for most students if you are from North America or even Europe. There are many programs that will pay you for your time as well as your accommodations and some that may even pay for your living expenses such as food. Click here for more details about teaching abroad. In 2012 I went on a wonderful trip to Piura, Peru with a small but empowering organization called Ayni. Look into smaller, less known teaching opportunities as those are the organizations which tend to need the most support! (pictures from my time teaching in Peru) 



I find this method of travel to be the most rewarding because you are giving back to the place you are visiting. Volunteering can be anything from building, teaching, or assisting with first aid if you are qualified. I find that volunteering is a really great way to travel because it can be quite grounding and humbling in many ways. Start here - choose your desired country and cause and see the various volunteer opportunities available around the world. (pictures from my sisters time volunteering in El Salvador) 

El Salvador
El Salvador

Be Creative

This way of travelling often requires some sort of special talent or certificate but is great if you have something to offer the country you plan to visit. I’ve had friends travel to film documentaries or to photograph - these kinds of jobs are more about passion and less about seeking financial rewards. A few of my other friends have used their dance and performing skills to work on cruise ship and travel around or to teach classes such as yoga  all over the world.

If you've travelled any other ways (I'm sure there are so many more) please let me know in the comments! I love hearing about all kinds of different travel experiences!