Doors Off Helicopter Ride in NYC

Every time my sister and I have visited New York in the past we have always talked about how fun it would be to take a helicopter ride over the city. We would debate and say "Should we just do it?" but then quickly remember the price and the status of our bank accounts.

I was completely shocked when Madison surprised me on this trip with a helicopter ride over this magical city. She had told me before we left that she had a few surprises for me, since she missed our birthday in November, but I remember saying "Oh what you got us a helicopter ride?" as a complete joke. On our second night in the city I was begging her to tell me and when she did I couldn't believe it! On the Sunday of our trip we took an taxi to New Jersey to begin our FlyNYON experience! 


1. Incredible staff - Everyone that worked at FlyNYON made us feel totally welcome, calm and reassured but also had such great energy that made us feel like we were about to have a party in a helicopter over New York. Even after Madison, in typical Madison style, misread an email and made us miss our flight, the FlyNYON team rescheduled us for the last flight of the day! We loved everyone from the team inside organizing waivers and making sure our harnesses were checked to our super fun pilot! All around such great people that made this experience that much more enjoyable! 

2. Customized Ride - We booked a 30 minute doors off helicopter ride over the city. What we loved was that before the flight we got to chose what we wanted to spend our time seeing. We chose to do a tour of all of Lower Manhattan to get the most beautiful views of the city from above..hovering mostly over the water, One World Trade Centre and Wall Street. 

3. The Price - This spot is by far the best priced helicopter experience in NYC. Check online and on FlyNYON Instagram for daily discount codes and percentages off. We also loved that at the end of our flight they asked if we wanted to go up again at 50% off...apparently a lot of people take them up on this offer but we were already happy enough with our flight experience! 

Courtney Fitzpatrick