Guide to the Best Backpack


Picking the right backpack can be hard - I remember walking into the closest travel store and being totally overwhelmed. It’s all very exciting but you want to make sure that you’re getting the right pack for your adventure! (You will be carrying this bag with you for however long you plan on travelling)

1) How much are you packing?

This is the first step you should take when picking a backpack. There are several different capacity sizes that you can get with different packs but you want to make sure that you don’t get one that is too small or one that is way too big. The different sizes are often in Litres and range from 30-50/50-60/70+. For any travel under 3 months I would say a bag under 60L will do just fine!

2) What is the fit you are looking for?

Once you’ve figured out the amount that your ideal pack will hold you can start thinking about the fit. For women, you ideally want the fit to be snug in your hips (trust me, this makes it way easier to hold your pack) and a nice fit along your torso both vertically and horizontally. This means that you don’t want the bag towering over your head or bulging out at your hips you want it to be snug and controllable.

3) What bonuses should you look for?

  • Add-On Front/Day Pack: My favourite is finding a pack that has a clip on day pack so that you aren’t constantly readjusting your day bag. This also allows for easy access to things like your wallet and passport during moments where you really don’t want to have to take everything off and look. 


  • Breathability: This is so important if you are travelling in the warmer months. You want to make sure that your pack is made of breathable material that will not cause you to sweat down your back or destroy your shoulders with pressure. This is pretty easy to spot in packs by looking for a mesh like material.


  • Accessibility: Everyone is different and will want different kinds of access to their packs. The two main styles are top or bottom loading, meaning that the pack can be opened from the top or the very bottom. Or luggage style entrance, meaning that there is usually a zipper that will open the entire pack. The luggage or front style opening is my favourite because it allows you to see what you want as opposed to having to empty the entire bag or dig through your pack to find what you need.


  • Rain Cover/Airport Bag: This is a great add on for when the weather isn’t that great or when you need to check your bag on a plane and want to make sure your pack doesn’t get ripped or worn out. If the bag you love doesn't come with a rain cover you can always buy one here