How To Find Your Perfect AirBnB

First of all Happy New Year friends! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays as much as I did…Tulum was an absolute dream and I can’t wait to share the full blog post coming soon!

Our adorable AirBnB in Tulum, Mexico! 

In the mean time I thought I would do a quick little post on how to find the perfect Airbnb for any location. I am a HUGE fan of Airbnb..I've been using it for travel since 2015 and began using it to earn some extra cash from my Toronto apartment while I'm away since 2016. I have found the most beautiful spots in the most tourist locations for the best price and have stayed with so many amazing people and to be completely honest not one Airbnb adventure has let me down (minus one that my boyfriend booked and one that was totally haunted but those are stories for another time)

Here are some tips and tricks to my most asked question…HOW DO YOU FIND THE BEST PLACES TO STAY ON AIRBNB?

1.      Decide where you are going and when?

If you’re going to a very popular destination at a very popular time (ie. Winter holidays, March Break, Summer Holidays) expect your search to be more challenging and a bit more pricey but rest assured with these tips I guarantee you will find the perfect match.

2.      Pick your vibe.

Do you want to stay in the central core of the city or do you mind being just outside of the city center and feeling more like a local? Do you want to stay in a spot that is entirely yours or would you stay in a private room if possible? Are you looking for amenities such as a pool, breakfast included, parking etc?

3.      Think about accessibility.

Will you be renting a car or do you plan to walk/take public transit everywhere you go?

Once you answer the three above questions you may begin your airbnb search knowing what you are looking for more clearly.  

Now to actually begin your search…

*To do any of the below you should probably sign up with Airbnb and answer some secure questions to create your profile. Use my code  to get $45 of your first stay! Add a picture (the friendliest looking one you have) and a blurb about yourself and you are ready to go!

AirBnB also offers experiences which is pretty amazing but for this blog post all you need to worry about is the search tool bar to begin your hunt for the best spot! 

AirBnB also offers experiences which is pretty amazing but for this blog post all you need to worry about is the search tool bar to begin your hunt for the best spot! 

1.      Enter your destination

2.      Enter your dates (this is key because it prevents you from falling in love with a place and then realizing it’s not available on the dates you'd like) Enter how many guests will be staying and what kind of place you are looking for (entire home, private room or shared room) 

3.      Filter your price 

4.      Choose your amenities ie. Pool, parking, breakfast included etc.

5.      LOOK on the map! (Don’t click on a place based on the picture because it may look great but may be an hour away from where you’d like to stay)

6.      Read reviews! This is the best way to get to know your host and see what fellow travelers thought of your potential spot to stay.

7.      Once you read through reviews often times what I will do is see what people mention ex. “There was a great coffee shop called “Rooster Coffee” around the corner from this place that I fell in love with” – google Rooster Coffee to get a better idea of the kind of neighborhood you will be staying in, as Airbnb protects exact address information until your booking is confirmed)

8.      Read the Host profile and see if they enjoy offering local suggestions, may have tips on where to eat or shop etc.

9.      Google Map Street View…this is my key to finding the best Airbnb’s…once you have read all of the reviews and host profile and your place has all the amenities you’d like street view is the final step in assuring that the area you are staying in is safe, beautiful and up to your standards. I generally play around on the street view to look around an entire neighbourhood to book a place. You may not feel like you need to do this but it generally gets me super excited to travel and makes me feel more confident in my booking. This is also a great way to avoid booking a place that may be on a highway or not close to the beach at all when it may say in the description 5 min walk to the beach.

10.   Book you trip! This is the most exciting part and for me what I love most about Airbnb! You can book your trip using Instant Book OR you can reach out to the host and ask questions first, which I normally do. This makes it feel so much more local and like you are heading to a friend’s place for a getaway!

I hope you found these tips helpful and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments!