Week 5: How To Travel If You're An Introvert


Hey friends! Its me again and this time I'm writing from Spain - how exciting, Im still pinching myself at least a few times a day that I'm traveling through Europe alone and loving every second of it! 

I just left Barcelona and am currently on a bus through the rolling hills of wine country heading to Valencia. Spain is simple and sweet, with wide roads, quaint markets, lots of green space, magical architecture from Gaudi among others, and a vibrant food scene with tapas and paella restaurants on every corner as well as great brunch foods and late night bars and clubs (really late actually the clubs don't open until 3am).

Here are my Top 5 favourites from Barcelona:

1. Brunch and Cake- All Day Breakfast (Carrer d'Enric Granados, 19, 08007 Barcelona, Spain)

2. 100 Mondaditos 1€ mini sandwiches and summer wine (sangria is huge in Spain)

3. All of the Gaudi designs but especially Park Guell (try to go at sunset if you can, the park glistens)

4. Marcado Boqueria- amazing food and energy of the city UPDATE Marcado Central in Valencia is better

5. Anywhere in the Gothic/Raval quarter is amazing but for a fun time check out 33|45

Okay...so, the theme of todays post is to address how introverts travel! I would consider myself to be a cozy extrovert. I love alone time in a quiet space where I feel comfortable and cozy with a good book but I also love meeting new people and I am insanely curious when anyone begins to unravel their lives in front of me. BUT not everyone likes to travel and not everyone likes meeting new people. Perhaps, this is because for an introvert traveling can seem extremely overwhelming. I have met a lot of introverts since I began my travels and here are some tips to help if you are scared to take the chance to get out of your comfort zone.

- Know when enough is enough and casually recoil to alone time

- Tell people not to feel bad for you (no one likes to be the centre of a pity party)

- When faced with a big crowd of overwhelming situation focus in on one thing ex. last week I had a 10 hour layover in rome and there was a military parade so all of the roads were closed and pedestrians were jam packed in every corner on every sidewalk instead of getting overwhelmed I tried really hard to focus on certain people or just the person in front of me to guide me through the pack of humans

- Develop and demand a sense of space. By this I mean know that you deserve space in the world and that even if you are an introvert people should still respect you and not bump into you in a city centre, subway, crowded area etc.

- IF you are a really nervous introvert pick quieter places to travel where there may not be that many tourists for example Eastern Europe is still relatively untraveled, quiet islands in Asia, etc

- And lastly accept that the world is a place that was made for each and every one of us, a lot of self proclaimed introverts that I've met have told me they didn't want their discomfort to inhibit them from seeing what the world has to offer so they just went for the experience.

I hope these tips are helpful for any introverts reading! Also, Im heading to Paris on Saturday and I cant contain my excitement!!! AHHHHH