Week 3: Living Your True Self

Week 3 - 1

Surprise it’s me..Courtney. Madison is off enjoying the crystal waters of Croatia and forgot all about her commitment to my blog - typical Madison but I will forgive her for now. I decided instead of skipping this week I would put together a blog for her...so here it goes!

People travel for many different reasons but every traveler has something in common. When you decide to embark on a trip, whether it’s two weeks or two years you are leaving the ones you love behind. This is both brave and sad because as you embark on your own, independent journey only you will experience your travels - parents will continue to work, younger siblings or cousins will grow and grandparents will likely age. This is the truth and it really is a sacrifice that you have to make for travel. Do you want to be there for every single birthday, milestone and holiday? Or can you sacrifice some time with loved ones for the bigger picture and the greater experience of seeing the world.

 I am so proud of Madison for steering her life in the direction of travel. She could have graduated university, moved back home with our parents and worked at a golf course this summer. I don’t think it would have been as awful as she imagined but she definitely would not have been able to see an opera for 3euros, or go to healing baths in Budapest, or swim freely in the ocean, or meet so many new friends, had she not taken a risk and decided to travel. (Ending this blog in a run on sentence because those are Madison's favourite) Even though I miss her and want to call her almost every minute of the day, I can’t wait to hear all of her stories in detail and share in her newly found life experiences that come with navigating your way around European cities alone, eating new foods, seeing new places, talking with new people and just living. I’m so proud of Madison for living her life, or as she would say living her true self! 

- Courtney