Looking To Try Something That Isn't An All-Inclusive Vacation?

Everyone has a different idea of what traveling means. For some, travel means meeting people, trying new foods, learning different languages and exposing themselves to unique experiences. For others, travel might be considered more of a luxury or a vacation.

The idea of an all-inclusive vacation is a particularly north american ideology, one where people typically spend thousands of dollars to have everything arranged - flights, accommodations, food and beverage. All-inclusive trips can be great if you're travelling with children, want to relax or if you feel like drinking your face off. By now you’re either thinking, “Yes, an all inclusive is exactly what I want!” OR “No, that doesn’t sound like travel at all.” Either way, I’m going to show you how you can enjoy a wonderful vacation without staying at an all-inclusive.

Pick a location that you haven’t visited before.

For many all-inclusive goers, this can be scary. You’re going to look somewhere other than typical all-inclusive spots for this trip. A travel agent might be helpful but you can skip them and do this part yourself. Some places you might want to consider - Greece, Spain, Italy or South American destinations like Costa Rica or Brazil!

Book Your Flights

You may be shocked to realize that you might have been paying more for your flights in your all inclusive deals. Check out Sky-Scanner, CheapOAir, or WOWAir - these sites scan for the best flight prices!

No All-Inclusive Hotel - No Problem!

Next step is deciding where to stay. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to meet like minded people head to a hostel. If you’re not ready for that yet, look into small boutique hotels or Airbnb rental homes for your stay. Getting away from the all-inclusive allows you to be free and experience the culture of wherever you are visiting.

Plan Your Days

At all-inclusive resorts you are often given the option of purchasing day excursions. Instead, look into bike or car rentals and find places you want to explore on your own. Look into a few restaurants near your accommodations and ask locals for suggestions. I love using Airbnb because often times your host will leave you a list of places to visit during your stay.

Spending Money  

If you have never travelled outside of the all-inclusive style spending money might be a big reason why. I understand...it’s easy to to have all of your meals planned prior to your arrival but there are many other options. If you’re looking to save money and don’t mind cooking for yourself at an Airbnb or hostel that will be the best way to go. Try to find outdoor farmers markets or boutique grocery stores to make your food shopping experience adventurous and fun! You can also look into bed and breakfasts or hostels that offer breakfast or restaurants that aren’t too pricey in your area. Find more information for 3 months in Europe spending money here!

GO! It’s time for your first non all-inclusive!

It might seem scary that when you land you won’t have a hotel bus waiting to pick you up but I guarantee you will feel a sense of adventure that you will love a freedom that only traveling like this offers. And if you don’t - book an all-inclusive for your next trip!