Week 2: Making Our Own Moments

Prague 1

Greetings from Prague!

Its me, Madison, back with another weekly guest special blog for The Fernweh State. I don’t really take myself seriously (at all) but I do hope to share some ever so slightly growing wisdom that I feel has been bestowed on me since I made the decision to travel solo. Maybe you will find some inspiration in this wisdom, which I believe I now have the authority to offer after a solid week of travel lol (if you can’t tell I’m rolling my eyes at myself)

Since my introduction post last week I've been thinking a lot about how I could share more about my feelings rather than my generic happenings so I want to begin by telling you more about the purpose of my travels with a little segment I've cleverly titled "Making Our Own Moments."


Only a few short months ago I was a month away from graduating university, my first meaningful relationship came to an end, and I finished two of my favourite longtime jobs. Suddenly, I found myself in this space, as I think many people find themselves when faced with change, where I couldn't see what was next. I couldn't grab onto anything and I felt scared and anxious all the time. I began wondering what my purpose was and what I was hoping to get out of this next chapter.


I started writing a list of some possibilities ie. work on a yacht at the Cannes Film Festival, become an au pair to an adorable Italian family, serve at a restaurant near my cottage, travel Canada, move back home and calm down, join a traveling carnival, become a pie eating champion...you know, the usual... but all of these plans fell through (let’s get real moving home was never really something I wanted to do...the pie eating perhaps). Everything felt out of place and confusing. About a month passed of sheer panic with a looming graduation date, and no where to turn. Then one day I bumped into a friend who had just written a blog about how we have to do what we really want, we have to make our own moments. We have to take the risks that we know we are nervous to take... so I said fuck it I'm going to do whatever I want to do... We both did! She’s on her own solo journey in Switzerland and I'm making my way through Europe! 

People who know me would say that I am constantly preaching that we are the makers of our own destiny so Europe seemed like a good place to stroll around while I attempt to make mine.


I’m currently reading this coming of age memoir by Nadja Spiegelman called "I'm Supposed to Protect You From All This” and in it she questions how the stories of her own childhood and her mother's narratives of her childhood have molded her memories and moments in life. I've begun to realize through this series of stories that we see what we want to see, when we want to see it. It seems that it's only through our experiences and interpretation of our own stories that we can begin to confirm who we truly are.

Before I boarded the flight from Toronto to Amsterdam I couldn't stop thinking about all of the stories I would hear from new people and the exhilarating thought of creating new and fresh moments with myself, with the people I'd meet, with the sun, the sky, the cities and the sounds. I think that traveling solo gives you the space to fall in love with yourself and your thoughts. It lets you listen to every part of your body. It lets you move when you want to move. It puts you in a position of power as you become the curator of your own life's gallery of experiences. It allows you to frame perfect moments with no one telling you to hurry up or slow down. You see what you want, when you want, how you want and let it affect you and only you.

Now, I know that traveling is a luxury in every capacity and I am so privileged to be able to afford this current life aimlessly strolling around, creating my own destiny. But what is the point of life if we are not listening to our deepest hopes and dreams and pleasing those parts of our souls at least once a day? You may not be able to make a big leap to Europe but I have come to realize how absolutely crucial it is to be alone, giving ourselves the time we need to make our own moments.

I would really love to hear if any of you take time to make your own moments and if so how? xx

Next stop Vienna!