Week 7: Thriving from Change & Making Changes

London, England

It's official...I am moving to London, England - currently on the plane AHHH!

I knew when I started traveling that I had no intentions of going home but I also knew that my bank account was telling me otherwise. After traveling around over the last month I've met some really cool people who offered me alternate plans to stay, and becoming an au pair seemed to be the best idea! I created an account on aupairworld.com and began my search for a perfect family... and I'm so lucky I found one. I plan to be in London from now through until next summer with weekends off so hopefully lots of quick trips around Europe to come (when I can) and of course I'll write when I do!

I wanted this last official 'solo traveling blog' to talk about how change is so crucial and important in our lives, at least I think it is in mine. Change is something I think about often. Am I changing too much? Am I trying to do everything at once? Am I meeting my hearts demands? Am I becoming a better woman in the process of making these big life altering decisions?

Stability is an essential part of being a grounded human but I've found that I feel more fulfilled when I switch up my routine and explore the planet, as they say the world is our oyster. I've always been aware of and appreciate the newness of everyday and I find that changing my environment makes me feel this more richly. Being in a new place, the unknown, is what stimulates me and helps me grow. Change has also been a really scary aspect of my being. I have a lot of anxiety around what I'm supposed to be doing. Whether I'm making the right choices in life. If I'm where I'm supposed to be. I suppose having a twin has also made this difficult as I have a constant person to compare myself too and Courtney and I are at really different parts of our lives. But throughout the course of this trip I've realized that all changes, small or big, are an essential part of becoming the woman I want to be. I'm really excited to take this big step and move to London! I hope that you too will make some changes in your lives that fulfill you, reward you, and most importantly make you happy.

xo Madison

Top 10 Highlights From This Trip (not in order)

1. Stumbling into a dimly lit, crowded, yet quiet Danish bar in Copenhagen and drinking an amazing IPA with a group of hilarious Italian men celebrating one's finalized divorce, as their cigarette smoke clouded the room. (here is a picture of me having fun in Copenhagen with a new friend!) 

Copenhagen, Denmark

2. Watching the sunset every single night with a group of THE best people in Hvar, Croatia at Earther's Hostel from the comfort of our hammocks, eating chocolate, drinking wine and talking about life. (one of the most beautiful sunsets) 

Hvar, Croatia

3. Being reunited with one of the best people in Paris. Sitting in the park, drinking, laughing and watching the sky change shades as the Eiffel tower lit up.

Paris, France

4. Meeting instant friends in Budapest at the Saturday Night Spa Party in the Széchenyi Baths and then realizing that we were 3 of 10 girls amidst a group of 1000 men on stag parties - it was wild. (Here is a picture from the calm day time swimming in the baths) 

Budapest, Hungary

5. Getting lost in the streets of Prague at 11pm, being scared and without wifi only to be met with the most magical show of fireworks in the sky, guiding me to the central square.

Prague, Czech Republic

6. Eating the biggest plate of pasta, every single piece of bread and a perfect glass of wine for lunch during my 10 hour layover in Rome - it was just as dreamy as I wanted it to be.

Rome, Italy

7. Having my purse stolen from between my legs in Barcelona... I'll paint the picture for you. That evening included a patio for dinner, a decoy hurt pigeon, and a lot of sangria. At the end of the dinner I looked down and POOF my purse was gone! whoops. (Here is a picture not of my purse being stolen but of the beautiful architecture in Barcelona) 

Barcelona, Spain

8. Being extremely bold and literally running onto a plane with my backpack and front pack after the stewardess told me I needed to go back and pay for the bag to be checked... refer to number 7, I had no money to pay for the bag my purse had just been stolen I had no choice... I'm still waiting to be contacted by air control.

9. Waiting the entire time I was in Porto to try a nata (traditional Portuguese pastry) and then walking by a night market where the sweetest old man was selling them, he sprinkled cinnamon on it and blew me a kiss as he passed it to me... I loved him. It was made with love and has become one of my favourite snacks.

Plane - Europe

10. Getting off the plane in Iceland and knowing that there was no turning back, it was and I think always will be one of the best feelings I've ever felt.