How to Plan a Big Trip When You're Working 9-5


You’re sitting at your desk day-dreaming of the sunshine in Greece and the food in Italy but then reality sets in and you realize it’s only 9:05am...

So, how do you plan a big trip when you have a full time job?

Personally, I think the best time to book a trip is when you have a job! You’re working full time, which means that you should have some financial stability and you have a set amount of vacation days to work with!

1) Start Saving

Unless you’re rich or your parents are paying for your experiences (lucky you) you will need to start saving. I suggest that you begin saving about 6 months to a year prior to your expected departure date. Saving a bit from each pay cheque opposed to withdrawing your money all at once is the best way to pay for your travels. Saving is hard but if you have a trip to look forward to it shouldn’t be that difficult!

2) Maximize your travel days

If you are picking Italy for example - map out the country and cities you want to visit. If you only have two weeks vacation time and you want to backpack make sure you give yourself enough time to get around without spending your whole trip in transit.

3) Find balance between exploring and relaxing

Often times people see travel and vacation as two different things. Yes, with travelling you might be walking, seeing and doing more but that doesn’t mean you can’t relax too. The best way to travel is to find a balance between exploring and relaxing. If you plan on backpacking Italy, for example, plan at least 2-3 days at the end of your trip to enjoy some rest and relaxation. So after walking the busy streets of Rome and Milan head somewhere like Lake Como or Amalfi Coast for some rest before your head home.

4) Plan for spending money

If you plan on shopping until you drop or want to schedule an adventure every day during your going to need to save more. If you’re looking at a few treats here and there and mostly using spending money for food and beverages you should be safe with about $50/person per day.

5) Ask for the time off!

Recent surveys have shown that millennials are afraid to ask for time off because they’re worried it will reflect badly on their work ethic. Don’t be afraid. Especially if you have allocated vacation time. You deserve a vacation and any company that doesn’t value your rest, relaxation and desire to explore this beautiful world is not a company you should be happy to work for.

Don’t be afraid to plan and go!