Week 1: Solo Female Travel in Amsterdam

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I should start off by introducing myself - I’m a unicorn, Courtney's twin, Madison, kidding I’m not really a unicorn but I wish I was. (Courtney immediately regrets asking to come on for weekly updates.)

I don’t really know how to structure this and I’m worried that my true self and opinions of the world won’t shine through this blog as authentically as I wish but considering it’s 2017 and I've only ever shared my thoughts about travel in my diaries (yes, plural) I figured what better way to do it than through my little twinsters blog.... also since you may start reading weekly you should know I’m a fan of run on sentences.

OK back to travel sooooo on Monday I left for a last minute expedition through Antarctica.... Just kidding I’m in Europe.... and I’m never coming home! But seriously I booked a one way ticket to Amsterdam and I don’t ever want to stop traveling. I've already managed to get lost purposefully, stroll aimlessly, eat amazingly and drink outrageously (like my semi rhyming skills there?) I hope to share my experiences, adventures, and funny happenings with you via The Fernweh State!

I'll keep it brief this week with my Top 10 Favorite Moments in Amsterdam (not in order because I can’t decide)

Amsterdam 1

1) Watching two adorable and overweight bulldogs fetch sticks in one of Vondelpark's ponds and then shake off on people sitting nearby.

2) Stumbling into an overpacked bar in the red light district called Old Sailors where people were throwing chairs in a good way if that’s even possible (the Red Light District is crazy and exactly the way I imagined it to be)

3) Going on a canal cruise with a skipper named Casper who told me he would rate his life a 9.5 out of 10 giving tours everyday on the canal (only rain not existing could make his life a 10... I agree)

Amsterdam 1

4) Boating by all of the million dollar house boats... these are like floating mansions, some beautifully decorated with chandeliers and art.

5) Drinking vodka out of little ice shot glasses at the Ice Bar (tried to escape the cold in Canada ended up in -10 degree bar)

6) Moving from the most touristy Ice Bar to a bar recommended by a local!

7) Listening to live music at the Waterlooplein Market, while eating a delicious fresh olive tapenade sandwich.

8) Walking through The Anne Frank House. I was shocked at how well it has been kept - full of images, videos and interactive components for guests.  

9) Almost getting run over by 192749201639 bikes on my first day here and feeling like a local now... I love traveling for this reason, learning tips and tricks of things people don’t tell you before you leave. Example - yes, I knew there were more bikes than there were humans but I didn’t know they invade every single crevice of the city from all directions.

10) Feeling liberated AF and doing whatever I want when I want (first solo week - a success!)

Next stop Copenhagen!