Week 4: Slow Down

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Across the world the sun rises and sets every single morning and every single night. When was the last time you stopped for a minute to appreciate its beauty? For the past 10 days I have been loving every second of slowing down and taking time to realize the small joys in this beautiful life.

I am in Croatia on an island called Hvar, notoriously known to host Beyonce and Jay Z's 200 foot 10 million dollar yacht at least once a summer (SPOILER: I did not see them). Hvar is also said to be the next Ibiza for its party life, which I can attest to - check out KIVA bar if you want to get wild with some rowdy stag parties. People from all over the world come here to have a good time!

It won’t be the partying that I remember Hvar for though, instead, I will remember this island for blissful days spent with beautiful people, feeling totally calm, relaxed and happy. I’ll remember the kindness of the Croatian people, their dialect that resembles a soft Italian, the amazing restaurants, and dedicated hostel workers who are all obsessed with this island. I would say Hvar has an energy that makes you never want to leave. In the mornings, cafes fill with older people slowly sipping on macchiatos as they ease into the work day, at sunset the beaches fill with children and their parents enjoying the water and the sun after a short day at work. The houses are built on rolling hills overlooking the Adriatic Sea that blurs into the distance with only a few small islands visible from the shore. Yachters pull into the main docks every few hours bringing luxury and excitement to the island. The sun beams from 6am until 10pm, painting a picture full of pink and orange hues as it sets. Hvar is without a doubt paradise.

Over the past month I've traveled to and from big and busy cities, in 5 countries, enjoying and valuing each of them for different reasons. Arriving in Croatia made me stop, slow down and think. Sometimes in life we are met with exactly what we need. I am writing this from the most beautiful beach I have ever seen, sitting on the smoothest collection of white pebbles and sand, looking out at the crystal blue waters. As I take a deep breath I feel absolute bliss. I hope you find this pureness in your life today, wherever you are - stop and take a minute to slow down and enjoy the beauty around.  

I’m heading to Spain next so get ready for more stories soon!