Week 6: What is it about Paris?

Paris 1

Paris is pure magic. I have known this since I was 10. Courtney and I went to this cute little overnight camp near our cottage for 1 week a summer and there I met Annie. This was a young, short friendship (I could never find her on Facebook and her parents moved so we lost her house phone number... tragic... Annie if you're out there lets reunite ahah) Anyways somehow at 12 years old Annie convinced her parents to let her study abroad in Paris. I'll never forget the way she explained the city when we were sitting in her tiny converted attic bedroom in their beautiful Toronto home in the beaches. It was effortless and with one sentence she had me hooked, the words "it twinkles to the beat of your heart" have stuck in my head, a decade later.

Paris 3
Paris 4
Paris 2

And that it does. Paris glistens and sparkles. It moves even when its still, it charms you, adores you, inspires you, calms you and refreshes you.

I flew from Valencia to Paris and before I left I was chatting with a new friend about my fear that Paris would make me sad given my recent break up given that Paris is coined "the city of love". She responded "but it can be romantic without someone else." Of course it could! I really don't know why I hadn't thought of this but the city was extremely romantic without anyone else. The buildings, the side walks, the gardens, the shops, the pastries, absolutely everything is romantic and you don't need to be in love to appreciate these things.

Long story short (I'm about to declare it) Paris is and I think always will be my favourite city.

Paris 5
Pretty peonies on the street
Treats at Laduree
Paris 12

Here were some of the highlights...

1. Getting absolutely hammered off 2 euro bottles of wine watching the sun go down on the Eiffel Tower
2. Treating myself to a box of L'Aduree Macarons and a lemon meringue pie and eating them all at once in the Gardens de Tuileries
3. Listening to the amazing artists on the metro, this is something I vividly remember from my first trip to Paris when I was 16 and it's just an added charm to public transportation
4. Climbing up an alternate route to get to Montmarte and discovering the home I wish to retire in
5. Sitting on the steps of the Sacre-Coeur
6. Drinking rose at the Gardens of Luxembourg Cafe
7. Strolling through a poetry book market near St. Germain and randomly getting sketched by a beautiful Korean artist
8. Waking up at the Regent Montemart Hostel to sit on the balcony over looking the Sacre-Coeur
9. Seeing so many incredible exhibits at the Pompidou (I saw a legit 3D printed Car!)
10. Exploring the Royal Palace and chatting with one of the gardeners about the perfection of all the roses.

Paris 6
Paris 7
Paris 10

I'm in Portugal right now and then some big news to share next week!! ahhh

- Madison