Why Europe

Why Europe

In my second year of university a few friends were applying for an exchange program offered through our school. For whatever reason, I really liked the sound of Copenhagen, Denmark but very quickly realized that it wasn’t going to happen financially. With school and residence fees, flight and living expenses I figured it would cost $15,000CAD for 6 months, which would mean that I wouldn’t be able to afford any travel outside of Copenhagen.

I found myself reconsidering what I wanted in terms of a travel experience.

It finally hit me - instead of moving to a new place I would set out on a 3 month cross Europe backpacking adventure and make Copenhagen one of the must-visit cities.

I figured I could travel across Europe on a budget with $8-10,000CAD. 

Convincing my then and current boyfriend, Colin, to join me was a lot easier than I thought.

Then came the planning...probably my favourite part! I spent months planning our trip! How would we travel...airplane, bus, train? Where would we stay? What should we pack? What will we eat?

Once we arrived I quickly realized that a lot of my planning wasn't actually that important. Letting go of routine to fall into the moment is the best feeling and probably why I love travel so much. But some planning is always good, especially if you've never done a big trip before!

To start this Europe blog I think it only makes sense to start at the beginning - Dublin, Ireland.

Each post from each city will detail…

Getting There (Plane/Train/Bus/Ferry/Car)

Accommodations (Ratings & Reason)

Top Picks (My favourite places: restaurants/shops/parks/markets etc.)

Local Picks (In almost every city I asked a local for their advice on what to see/do in their city!)

Fashion (My tips on what to pack/wear in each city)

I hope you’ll follow along with me as I share my journey through 40 cities and 20 countries.

Why I’m writing about all of this now…

My boyfriend, Colin, made a video for our trip that he posted on Youtube. He bugs me all the time to respond to emails from strangers who ask for tips/advice. So, I thought if there's this want to know more about my travels I might as well write it all out.

Who knows, maybe I’ll look back in a couple of years and realize that no one cared, but if I can inspire one person to get out there and travel or answer one travel question I’ll be happy.

So here it goes!