Venice, italy

Getting There: Plane & Boat Ferry

Accommodation: Hostel
TIP: I would suggest booking Venice at least a month in advance so you can avoid the high prices.




You can see all of Venice in a day or two if you walk - take in the buildings, the people, the boats, the canals, the food. Get out of the overly crowded centre and get LOST! This island is small enough that you will always find your way back to where you started somehow.

TIP: Avoid the crowds and take in the beauty of the square by yourself at midnight or first thing (like 6am in the morning) Definitely visit during the craziness too because it’s fun to see so many tourists in one place but experiencing the square alone is really magical.

Notes: There is a tourist tax added to every meal. Do not send postcards from Venice.

Restaurant Patios/Back Seating Areas

We loved seeing small little nooks in the back of restaurants offering tables overlooking the canals that run all throughout the city. If you are looking at a restaurant be sure to ask if there is a back patio/garden area.

Local Picks